Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Reason of Williamson's Death Still Unknown

Bahamas National continues to follow the suspicious death of Benjamin Robert Williamson, a wealthy American financier who is reportedly the step brother of International hedge fund manager and Lyford Cay resident Louis Bacon.


Williamson’s lifeless body was fished from a North Carolina lake in a submerged car earlier this year after family members had reported him missing.

According to North Carolina web media, a preliminary autopsy report is in for a New York investor found in a submerged car off Figure 8 Island. The report says Benjamin Robert Williamson died from saltwater drowning. Williamson's body was found in a car off of a boat ramp April 22.

The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office says there is no evidence of foul play. They do not expect the final autopsy report for several months.

But Bahamas National continue believes otherwise, noting that a pattern of drowning death has surfaced. Apart from Williamson’s drowning death there were two suspicious deaths on Louis Bacon’s estate in Lyford Cay. Both involving Caucasian males, and were both covered up by Bahamian police. Some believe that Louis Bacon may have influence on some officers for them to defy direct orders of senior police officials to make certain information available to the press.

In the Bahamas any suspicious death or murder is reported to the press by police. However in one of the cases a male we understand was Peter Tuckerfield drowned while swimming on a beach near Bacon’s property and police reported that it was a Haitian male. Since then there has been no word from police on any identity of the alleged drowning victim. But officials at the city morgue reported that the body in question NEVER made it to the morgue. Similarly the body of Bacon’s former property care taker Dan Tuckfield was immediately cremated and flown out of the country before being reported to the press. Its an investigation that we are still waiting to a ruling from the coroners court as to the cause of Tuckfield’s death.

This type of behavior is damming when one considers that Bacon who is wanted in The Bahamas to face criminal charges in connection to several matters.

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