DNA: Has the PM lost confidence in Health Minister?

The abrupt transfer of the Bahamas National Commission on Marijuana (Marijuana Commission) from the Ministry of Health to the Office of the Prime Minister raises major concerns about the current administration and leaves many unanswered questions. This brings about a feeling of déjà vu for many who recall the unceremonious transfer of the BEST Commission from the Ministry of the Environment and Housing to the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM).

Almost two years after the transfer of the BEST Commission to the OPM, it remains unclear why the Prime Minister without a portfolio continues to expand the OPM by selectively taking on functions previously held by Cabinet Ministers. The controversial OBAN deal was signed in the days following the transfer of the BEST Commission to the OPM and the OBAN files were reported as being missing. The Bahamian people’s questions on the OBAN deal remain unanswered to date amidst the accusation that the PM misled Parliament.

The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) poses the following questions to the government:

    Why was the Marijuana Commission transferred to the OPM?

    Has the Prime Minister lost confidence in his Minister of Health?

    If the PM has lost confidence in the Minister of Health, what is the next step?

    Why was the Minister of Health unable to say when and why the Marijuana Commission was removed from his portfolio?

    Who leaked the draft report of the Marijuana Commission?

    Has an investigation been launched into the leak of the Report?

    When will the final report of the Marijuana Commission be formally issued?

    Just like the OBAN Deal, what is the government about to do which required the transfer of this portfolio to the OPM?

    Are there special interest groups seeking to hijack the government’s policy on marijuana?

    When will the PM admit that he has multiple portfolios and agencies under his purview?

The Bahamian people voted for and deserve a government that is transparent and accountable to them. We have elected individuals to serve us not to be served and we demand answers to questions posed to the political directorate. Sadly, the FNM government has been a major disappointment and failure in the promotion of good governance.

The DNA’s pledge is to uphold the Rule of Law, institute a robust good governance framework, ensure transparency and accountability in government and serve the Bahamian people with honesty and integrity. We will govern for all Bahamians, not a select few special interests, cronies or party loyalists. We are an Alliance – a unifying force for all who wish to see a Better Bahamas.

Arinthia S. Komolafe

Party Leader

Democratic National Alliance