Government Fighting for Bahamians While Brave Campaigns

Statement from the Free National Movement

May 11, 2020


The Free National Movement issued the following statement regarding Brave Davis’ comment’s regarding the Prime Minister’s speech over the weekend:

“The rapid, proactive response that our Government took due to the COVID-19 outbreak, despite much criticism by the woeful leadership of the PLP, is getting results in lessening the health impact of this deadly virus. Our FNM Government focused on prevention. Because of that, countless lives have been spared when compared to what many other nations experienced. Our Prime Minister, Dr. Hubert Minnis, has provided sound leadership. He took bold actions that were necessary to contain the spread.

“The Prime Minister’s speech over the weekend was another example of the strong leadership we need to move forward. From the outset of this global pandemic Dr. Minnis has not attempted to sugarcoat expectations for the future in dealing with the impact of COVID-19. Instead, he has been open and honest about the measures needed and the obstacles that lie ahead – especially with our economy. The Prime Minister also explained that the Government has already committed more than $120 million on healthcare costs and unemployment benefits to help Bahamians struggling due to the pandemic.  

“Sadly, it comes as no surprise that as our Prime Minister leads Brave Davis has found his calling in ranting and raving at anything and everything this Government does to stem the tide of this deadly pandemic. If on cue, like broken records, Monday is Brave’s day to spout off – never offering solutions just nonsensical political attacks. And then on Wednesday his loquacious protégé, Chester Cooper, grabs the mic. One thing is clear for the PLP: Brave’s ‘united in patriotism’ means united in their constant politically motivated attacks as the rest of the country struggles under the COVID-19 outbreak.

“The people have long grown tired of Brave’s antics. As he warms up for his next press conference, the FNM will continue to lead – working with civic and social leaders throughout the country to manage efforts to beat this pandemic. The Prime Minister understands that through truly standing united, we will get through this struggle together and forge a new Bahamas because we know Bahamians deserve nothing less from our elected leaders.”